Most of the memories were placed in the memory box by friends and students at Ryan’s memorial service.  Step-mom Pat lovingly transcribed the memories for our family site and Ryan’s website.  At home he was our Ryan, but at Henderson he was Antony, Moore or Coach Moore.



       “I have so many wonderful memories of my son it’s hard to write about just one, but there is one in particular I will always treasure.  Ryan was a senior in high school and didn’t have much money.  My birthday is a week after Christmas and that year he had spent all of his money on Christmas presents for the family.  The evening of my birthday, he and a few friends came in and sat the CD player on the counter and asked me sit down.  They wished me happy birthday, then Ryan handed me a card he had made and turned on the CD player.  He sang me the entire song “A Song for Mama” by Boys II Men. He sang with such feeling and looked so cute, that I cried like a baby.  The song and homemade card were the best presents I had ever received.  A couple of weeks later he went and bought me the CD so I could play the song anytime I wanted.  Every time I hear “A Song for Mama” I see Ryan standing in front of me, singing from his heart, then smiling that beautiful smile and saying “Happy Birthday Mom, I love you”.  Making it a memory of a lifetime.   Ryan was my life and I will always love and miss him.  I pray God gives me the strength to carry on as Ryan would want me to.”


       “Ryan, was my high school sweetheart, and best friend for over 10 years. He was an awesome and lovable person. I know Ryan loved not only his family, but also his many friends including me.  All through high school we were inseparable, always together with our friends having fun. Unfortunately I knew Ryan was leaving Texas to go to college in Arkansas.   It was very hard for Ryan to leave, but we knew it was for the best. Even while he was away at college, we still remained very good friends, always visiting one another and spending all the holidays together with his mom and Tim.  He was my best friend and we were comfortable being together.  Our last Christmas in 2004, it snowed for the first time in Pearland and we had such fun having a snowball fight and attacking Mom (Linie) with snowballs.  I remember talking to Ryan in February after I watched the movie "Remember the Titans," and told him he was a great coach and he would make it to the NFL.  I am so sad he didn’t get to fulfill all his dreams.  The last ten years with Ryan have given me many good memories.  I will always love Ryan and he will have a special place in my heart forever.”

Brenda   (TX)


       “My memory of Moore is how he would always help people whenever they were in need. No matter what happened, he could always bring a smile to your face. He always knew the right thing to say and put others before himself. He loved being among his friends and bringing smiles to their faces, you could tell by how he acted. No matter who the person, he would get along with them. He will be missed dearly. But all of us carry a piece of him on our heart.”     

        Jason Fogerty (AR )    


       “Football was awesome because of coaches like Coach Moore. He wasn’t a softie but he was kind – I remember his gold chains he always wore. He was cool because he knew he was cool – but he wasn’t cocky – he was one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met.”     

        #86 W.R. 2002-2004     


       “As a GA in Reddie football I would have daily contact with Coach Moore. I would always ’Mess’ with him about using the Mustang for the weekend. He said I was ‘too old’ to enjoy the hoss power! We always laughed! Antony was a good young man. He was a huge success and a big part of Reddie football. He will be missed. He was so nice to my son Zane, age 14. He did practice teach at his school. He ‘Touched’ lives in his short career.”   

        David Thigpen, HSU Assistant AD      


       “Whenever everyone lost their temper, Moore was always in control. I never saw him loose his temper.”

       No name  (AR )


       “I’ll never forget the “Moore” talks that Antony has always had with me whenever I wasn’t doing right. I will also never forget our battles over my red flashlight at almost every camping trip we went on together. There is a copy of the paper that I wrote about Antony in the library at Henderson. Mr. Ragni should have it in his office.”    

        Greg Crane, Sigma Tau Gamma fraternity


       Earthbound Angel:  Occasionally, we are graced with the presence of an earth bound Angel. They are unable to stay with us for long, but while they do, they bring unprecedented joy and happiness to all they touch. While they are here, we bask in their goodness and marvel at their contribution to the world. When they leave, we are left with the devastation that comes with losing such a wonderful being, but we must remember the earth bound Angels are not ours to keep. They are ours to enjoy, learn from, and behold until they return home.  Author unknown    

        A friend who will always remember Antony Ryan Moore   


       “God gave Linda a loving son for 26 happy years.  My fondest memories Linda and Ryan always laughing together and having fun.”      


       “I played basketball with Antony many times. I came to love his spirit as he played. He was competitive and always hustled. Most of all, he was always happy and laughing as he played. He always made me feel better when he played. It mattered not how he played, good or bad, his attitude was wonderful!" Love in Christ,  

        Coach Rhonda Thigpen, volleyball coach  


       “Antony was a good and decent man. When something needed to be done, he was there. If the laundry needed to be done, he did it. It the fields needed lining he did it. No job was too small or too big for Antony. He will be greatly missed and I leave these vs. for memory: Proverbs 3:5-6 ‘Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not into your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your way.”    

        Coach Jesse Branch, HSU 2001-2005     


       “When Antony was at HSU, I saw him pretty much on a daily basis. He always had a smile on his face and was so upbeat! He would always go out of his way to stick his head in my door and say ‘Hey Ms. Angie!’ He had true Reddie spirit. He will be missed.”    

        Angie Bradshaw, Athletics Dept. Secretary (AR )  


       “Because we had the same last name we would always joke about being related. He always said he was my brother and after becoming a Sig Tau Rose, I was his sister. My mail would always get sent to his apartment, and he made sure to get the word to me when I got a notice that it was time to take my dog to the vet. He was very thoughtful of others. Just a few nights before he left us, he was talking about reading the standardized tests to the “slower” children. He said he made sure to emphasize the correct answers when he read them out loud. He stated that we don’t realize how lucky we are.”    

       No Name


       “My favorite memory is the bus rides for the away games. Coach Moore made long trips go by fast, and I never once saw him in a bad mood.”

       No name  (AR )  


       “I have a couple memories of, as we referred to him, Moore. But two specific ones were from the same trip to New Braunfels with Josh, Clint and Moore. The first of that trip was the first day on the Guadeloupe and we had been warned about a specific rock to watch out for. This rock created a massive undertow. Well we did not listen close enough because before I knew it, Moore, Clint and Josh had all been victims of the infamous rock. We almost lost everything! But Moore managed to keep his $130 Oakleys on his face. Later that afternoon those glasses fell victim to a rope swing off a tree! I had never seen him so mad. It was hilarious. Another memory I have is on the same trip on the way back from a Country Western dance hall. Anyone that knows him would find humor in that alone. But in the middle of the ordering of McDonald’s he busts out a quote from a Comedy Central I still remember the line. It was, “I got mail.” But for anyone to truly understand the humor you had to be there. For he had a sombrero hat on and yelling this phrase as I was ordering food. You just have to be there. That was Moore, fun loving, relaxed, and just an easy going guy. I’ll never forget your son. He was a great guy and good friend. He will be missed greatly. I also lived with him this summer and enjoyed everyday we hung out. He loved that X-Box!!”

       No name     


       “Moore was a person that could give advice to you in any situation. He was also a real good person to be around and was never in a bad mood. He was a person that lived life to the fullest. And he has touched my life and many others in ways that cannot be explained.”   

        Chris Fogerty   


       “Moore was everyone’s buddy. I met him when he was coaching at Henderson. I saw him outside of football as a friend and someone to count on. I remember thinking to myself, ‘This guy can’t coach,’ then after a while it hit me that he does know what he’s coaching here.”

       No name   (AR ) 


       “Coach Moore was everybody’s buddy. One time one of the coaches told me to spit out a dip in the locker room and Moore was right behind him giving me another one. He was a real good guy and he was funny also.”

       No name     


       “After the players went to bed at the West Alabama or West Georgia trip on Fri. night, Moore, Blue and I went to Applebee’s for some beverages. We stayed there for a while talking about life and such. We found out there was a club at the “Hojo” so we went over there. There was a group of 50+ year old guys and they were singing country songs and then out of nowhere played a rap song. Moore was on the stool next to me. We just looked at each other and didn’t have to say anything. We got a big laugh about that.”   

       No name


       “Coach Moore was me (Baby) and Tom Riffel's first friend in Arkadelphia. We moved here to go to school at HSU knowing no one. Jesse and Moore lived above us in the apartments. He was our first friend. Everyone we know now, we met through him. He moved out in December and started at Hot Springs. We will never forget his wonderful friendship and loving personality. We’ll always love you Coach Moore.”  

        Baby & Tom Riffel (AR )      


       “Spring break last year he always brought a smile to everyone’s face no matter what mood.” 

        Chip Reeves    


       “Moore was not just a friend of mine. He was my brother. I have considered myself lucky to spend so much time with him. From camping trips to just hanging out at his apartment, I enjoyed every moment if it. There were numerous times I would discuss my problems with him because I knew he would say the one thing that would make the problems disappear. We talked for hours about sports, music, etc. Whatever the subject, he knew something of it. Moore was ‘ginuwine’. He spoke from his true feelings. I have very many memories of Moore. The talks we had of high school football. The time we got his car unstuck at camp out. The “Moore Speech,” a motivational speech that would ignite a fire for associates seeking to join our brotherhood. I remember the parties at his apartment. I consider one of my best nights ever was the night of his Graduation Party at his and Jesse’s apartment. I remember the dinners. I remember the trips to the races. I most of all remember his personality. From his jokes to wrestling, I will miss my brother forever.”

       No name     


       “He was my racquetball teacher last semester. He always laughed at me for not running after the ball. One day I hit myself in the head on accident with the racquet and tried to go home early by overly exaggerating my mistake. He laughed at me and said no way keep playing!”

       No name     


       “During the summer of ’04 me, Moore, Zach,and Clint went on a river floating trip in New Braunfels, TX. We had a really good time. The night before we left, we went to dancehall in San Antonio. He did his dance for me and everyone else in the club. It was the most entertaining thing we had ever seen. We still talk about that trip to this day! Antony was never cross and always believed in me as a friend and player.”      

        Joshua Prescott (AR )    


       “I lived right below him and we got to know each other because we would always happen to be washing our cars at the same time. He would always come to Malones where I was a waitress and no matter who he was with or what he got he would leave me the biggest tip! I miss him very much but I am glad I got the opportunity to know him even if it was for only a year.”    

        Sarah Saenz    


       “I asked him ‘didn’t you wash your car 3 days ago?’ He said ‘Yes, but I love my car.’ I most remember his laugh and beautiful smile. He also asked ‘are you thirsty, hungry, comfortable.’ ‘I am great’ I would say. ‘Okay just let me know.’ I love his laugh.”   

        Amber Davis    


       “I don’t know what to say? We laughed, we played, we argued sports. He was a great friend and will always be remembered. Your family is in our prayers. May God guide you and be with you. Love,   

No name


“I have several memories of Antony but his enthusiasm on the sidelines was very memorable. I would like to tell that Coach Moore was very important to me. He gave me much so advice about life as well as school because we share the same major and dreams. He has done many things for me and his advice was priceless. He was a great person and a great friend. Thank you.”   

        Blake Christenson, quarterback


“My first day at HSU, Aug. 1999. First day to report for football. Moore was the first football player I met. I remember thinking to myself that this guy is an Offensive lineman? Well I never saw a guy practice harder and play his role on the team better than Antony Moore.”  

        Sy Robinson    


“He always made me laugh in class.”    

        Corwin Croley, HSU Faculty HPER     


       “Coach always told me how he gave all he had on a kick return when he played. I wanted nothing less than to give 100% for him when he coached me. ‘Coach to me sometimes, Moore to me the rest.’-Antony Moore.” 

        Kyle Chastain (AR )    


       “One of my favorite memories of Moore was two days before he passed on. Me and him went to his apartment and talked about our fraternity. He told about all the things he loved about the fraternity. He also gave me a lot of direction in college on that night.” 

        Blake McMinis, freshman, Sig Tau      


       “It is hard to say what I remember the most about Moore. We had many talks and I learned so much from him. The thing I learned the most he doesn’t even know he taught me. Every time I saw him he had the biggest smile. Not some ordinary smile it was the biggest cheesiest grin. So what he taught me is no matter what’s going on or what job I am doing, there is no reason to frown or complain. He was my brother and will never be forgotten.”    

        Vic Steelman Sigma Tau Gamma       


       “The first time meeting Moore was memorable. He was out with the fraternity in the Quad grilling and playing football. He was telling old stories about the fraternity and just cracking everyone up. He and I started talking, and he was the first to convince me that fraternity life ain’t bad. He was a great man probably the best out of the entire fraternity.”    

        Nick Dillard    


       “He never failed to bring a smile to your face. No matter how BAD a day I was having, he would make me laugh and brighten my day. The way he treated people and the respect he showed, we only wish we could treat people half as much as he did. He was truly a pleasure and despite his short time with us he made a difference.”    

        Troy Mitchell, HSU SID  


       “I have never seen Moore in down moment. He was always showing you to be your best teammate, coach, good friend, and fellow brother in Sigma Tau Gamma. Coach to you sometimes, Moore to me most of the time.”     

        (AR )   


       “Moore always called us his angels.”    

        Kelly Adams & Kristin Shehane  


       “Every time I was with Moore he was so happy and encouraging. He brought a fun time to whatever we did. I loved his competitive spirit, and he would always challenge me to tennis and racquetball. He will be truly missed.”   

        Megan Harness  


       “I remember one day in the weight room me and good friends were lifting in off-season. We did a hand signal like Spock from Star Trek and made a sound like Chewy from Star Wars. Moore saw this, the look on his face was priceless. All he could do was laugh and say that was the weirdest thing he had ever seen in a weight room. Love  

        Jace Muds     


       “I have to give Antony credit for clinching my choice of Henderson State University. I came up one day in the summer and was not quite sure if I wanted to come here. He assured me that HSU was a good choice and I would be happy. Antony will never be forgotten, and my prayers will be with you all.”  

        Michael Carter  


       “Every time I saw Moore or talked to Moore, he told me how beautiful I looked; no matter how bad I looked! He was a gentleman, a true gentleman. I always asked him how work was going and every time his face would light up with an enormous smile and he would tell now much he loved it. Just last Thursday he sat next to me at a restaurant and said, ‘you don’t know how lucky you are until you read to special needs’ kids.’ I didn’t know him well, but I knew enough to be sure of what a good person he was and would be. God bless.”  

        Lindsey Sullivan (AR )


       “I had Antony in several classes. I found him to be a respectful, thoughtful student who matured into a leader in the classroom. I had Antony as a freshman, upperclassman and lastly as a graduate student. I will always remember his respect and love for his family. He spoke to me many times on how much he appreciated the love and support he got from them. He was a fine young man. We will miss him.”      

        George Baker (AR )     


       “I had Antony in several classes at Henderson and I found him to be a good student who was always prepared for class and added a lot to class discussions. My perception of him was: he was well liked and had many friends.”  

       No name


       “The smile on his face when he would beat me at video football games.”    

        Nick Bromley (AR )     


       “I remember Antony simply as Coach Moore. He was a coach during this year, my freshman year. He was always helping me make new friends and good decisions for the future. Although I only knew him for a semester I felt he was a true friend and sincere man. I will keep everyone in my prayers.”   

        Chad Burgess (AR )     


       “I am proud that I was able to give Antony his first job in his chosen field of teaching and coaching. He had a very positive effect on our young people.”      

        Coach Carter (AR )     


       “My most special memory of Coach Moore was one day we were working out in the weight room for football and he walked inside the weight room and started rapping which just made me laugh and made my day much brighter.”    

        Jimmy Talkett (AR )    


       “Dear Family, I knew Antony as Moore. He was one of the sweetest guys I have ever known. He had such a contagious smile. Every time I was ever around him, I was laughing and happy. I am so sorry for your loss.”   

       No name


       “I will always remember Antony’s laugh. I would often go to his and Jesse’s apartment. Antony and I would always sit there and pick on Jesse. He was the kindest person. Never caused trouble and was such a happy go lucky person. I will miss him.”  

        Nicole Geffery (AR )    


       “Antony was one of the first people I met here at Henderson. He was an outstanding young man, who always made me feel welcome! I will miss him dearly!”   

        Angelique (AR )  


       “Antony was our neighbor at the apartment. I remember how much he loved his car. He was always washing it. When he saw me and my roommate he would ask us if we wanted to wash our cars also. He always said he would wash our cars if we would cook for him. He was friendly and spoke to us every time he saw us.” 

        (AZ )


       “As a classmate, he was very enthusiastic, vibrant, and full of life. My memory of Antony will be of how fun and entertaining he was to be in class with. I always looked forward to seeing what Antony had to say.”   

        Terri Wade (AR )      


       How he always had time to stop and talk every time he saw me and his positive attitude. He could always make me laugh.   

        (AR )   


       “At HSU I was having trouble on the team, and thinking about quitting, Coach Moore came to me and said, ‘Don’t let outside stuff keep you from being Larry.’ Without Coach Moore I would not be still here at Henderson. I will graduate May 2006, and I owe it to him. May God be with him and us at this time.”    

        Larry Owens, Jr (AR )   


 “The world has lost a sunny smile and a kind person. A friend to everyone he met. I feel pain for his mom and family.”     

        Mike (TX )     


“He was my coach and friend. My problems were never to small or big. He will always be remembered. I will pray for his family.” 

        John (AR )     


       “I only knew Ryan for a short time but I will remember him forever. My heart goes out to his family and friends in the sad time. “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose” (Rom. 8:28 KJV).”     

        Lorena Hassler (Dallas, TX )    


“As a graduate of Henderson State University in Arkadelphia, AR I wanted to offer my deepest sympathy for the loss of Antony. Even though I did not know Antony personally, I quickly realized that he had many, many friends. A sudden loss of this nature is so hard for us to understand. My 20 year old son attends HSU and is a member of the same fraternity. I know many of these friendships are very close ones. Many times these guys are like brothers to one another. To Antony's family and friends, may you find comfort in this hour and in the coming days. Grace and Peace to you all, Dennis Green (I John 4:7-8)”  

        Dennis Green (North Little Rock, AR )   


“We send our deepest sympathy and Ryan will always be missed.

Tony & Sandy Estrada”  

        tony estrada (pearland, TX )     


“Ryan will be missed by many of his family and friends and my condolences to all. I got the chance to know Ryan from High School and remained acquainted with him since. He was a great person to know and I'm happy to have known him.”  

        Dana Landry (Pearland, TX )    


“A true friend to all.

I went to school with Ryan and new him well enough to know that he cared about all his friends sincerely. He will be missed by many. I extend my condolences to his family and loved ones.”   



“when i first met ryan about thirteen years ago he greeted me with a smile. ryan and i became friends almost instantly. i cannot remember a time when ryan ever told me no if i needed something. he was the kind of guy who would give you his shirt off his back. as we grew older our lives kind of went different ways. his journey in life took him to arkansas and as for mine i stayed in pearland. i was very proud of ryan and all that he accomplished. i regret the fact that we did not see each other that much in the last couple of years. in fact the last time i saw ryan was in december 2004 at a restaurant.(we all know ryan liked to eat!!) we greeted each other and talked for a few minutes. we discovered that we both like watching horse racing.and he told me that the next time he could get away from his busy schedule me and him were going to spend a day at the track. well brother ryan i know the next time i go you will be there with me looking over my shoulder. i feel that god made sure me and ryan bumped into each other that day. because before we said our goodbye's. he shook my hand and gave me that same big smile he gave me thirteen years ago. and i thank god for giving me that last good memory of ryan forever. words cannot describe the pain that we hold, but it can describe the joy that ryan gave us all. linda our hearts and prayers are with you always. love, “

eloy and daizy cortez   Pearland, TX )


 “While we never had the opportunity to meet Ryan, we learned of all his fine qualities from his Mom, Linda. Our respect of Ryan can only grow as we remember his Mom's proud conversations about her son Ryan. To all who met Ryan, We offer our condolences. We wish we had that opportunity also.”     

        George & Cathy Poole (Hamburg, NY )   







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